Jessica Ledbetter

WordPress Upgrade

Upgraded, finally, to WordPress 1.5. It comes with Kubrick as a default which is a very nice layout, I think. Not too different from what I had.

The managing more than just the blog is great. I’ll have to see if it’ll basically do a CMS. I don’t see why not. pMachine did that well, though it wasn’t as — what’s the word — smooth as WordPress. I added the “About” page thorugh the WordPress “write page” option.

I had just put in a lovely spam blocker plugin but maybe they have made the default plugins better. We’ll see. The spammers had moved from comment spam to trackback spam. But neither was showing on the web pages. Haha. Suckers.

And, how the heck is it smaller than the old WordPress? With more features! Gotta love smooth coding.

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