Jessica Ledbetter

UDS-N wrap up

Overall, my first time at participating remotely with the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) was very good. I was able to learn more about projects I’ve heard about and projects that I haven’t. Though it was held in Orlando, I feel like, overall, people were very good at keeping the remote participants included.

The rooms were broadcast so that I could listen to them speaking. There was a shared document (gobby) all were updating with notes and action items. It would disconnect sometimes but was great when it was up. I think they’re looking into how to make it more stable for future summits.

We were all in IRC so that I could give suggestions or ask questions. Sometimes I typed something and it took a little while to get seen or I’d say something just as someone else did. Sound would drop at the rottenest times too. One session, I was very excited to get my name on one of the action items. Sound dropped. Said in IRC I wanted to participate but it was missed. I was “louder” the next time. Also, there was a lag in the audio that meant those in the room needed to pause a little bit to let us hear and respond.

Is this the conference of the future? I’m not sure. I think it’s great to allow people to participate as much as possible if they couldn’t attend in person. I still feel like it’s based on good timing though much like the workshops held in online. Because I wasn’t able to devote 100% to it because of work and only allowed myself one hour a day (counted as lunch), I feel that I would have gotten more from this if I went. I could have taken the week off and been able to focus 100% from home too.

I’d definitely do this again and recommend it to others!

My notes about UDS:


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