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UDS-N: Ubuntu developer training events

Day One of Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS)

Once the week is done, I’ll do a summation.

Blueprint: ubuntutheproject-community-n-dev-training-events

There are various training events through the year for developers (new and not so new). Since I’m a new developer (to Ubuntu), I was curious to find out more about these events and how I can help and learn from them. These are my notes. If they publish the gobby document, maybe it’ll be linked off the blueprint? I’m not sure. Still learning!


  • Ubuntu Developer Week (twice a year) *
  • Packaging Training (used to be once a week) *
  • Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Q&A *
  • Ubuntu App Developer Week
  • Ubuntu User Day
  • Ubuntu Open Week

* mentioned in session

Overall, I find the logs a bit difficult to parse if I miss the session. Since they’re usually during the week day for me, I tend to miss them, unfortunately. Some suggestions were to clean up the logs into an easy to read format. That’d work but I feel that’s a big task. Maybe the instructor would do it? Or maybe a “transcriber.”

I know when Cheri and I did the session recently on how to find help in Ubuntu, I went through the previous sessions on the same topic to make sure we didn’t miss anything. That was difficult. I had to look at each cycle, then look for the log. There was no “view by topic.” As someone said in the session, we can do this ourselves and I’m very tempted to do this if it’d be helpful to others.

Also, I sometimes miss events that I would loved to have attended. For example, there was a series on Python development recently. I’ve subscribed to the classroom’s calendar so hopefully I won’t miss future classes!

How can we make it easier for people to teach the sessions?

Part of this is confidence. We don’t all think we know enough to lead one of these sessions. But, we probably actually do. We just need someone (thank you again, Nigel and Ubuntu-Women) to help us see that. Another part of this is finding the people to do the teaching.

Someone mentioned project-based training. I like that because sometimes it’s hard to find out how to get the source, set it up locally, and contribute the changes back.

The organizers do a great job of helping the new session leaders learn how to use the tools and such. It’s really not as scary as one may think. Hint hint.

How can we train more developers?

I know for me that it helps to actually have an assignment or follow along. I said “homework” but really any hands-on work will do. Some sessions have us work through along with the leader. That’s nice because if I run into a problem, I can ask right there.

Much more was covered including lack of Lernid development. That saddened me because Lernid is one of those things I didn’t find on another operating system. Yes, I’m thinking about contributing. It’s desktop though and Python. But I don’t want it to die.

How am I going to help?

I volunteered to help with screencasts. Also, I’m thinking of helping out with the Beginner’s Team but mostly focus on the developers.

There’s definitely a connection between all these different topics. I could write materials for Learning/Materials, make a script from that for screencasts, and sketch up an IRC session too for Developer Week. Or maybe the reverse order.

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