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Learning from your peers

P2PU LogoPeer 2 Peer University (P2PU) is a learning environment that focuses on “learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything.” The topics have quite a range too because anyone can create a class on (almost) anything. Web education — my favorite — is a joint effort between P2PU and Mozilla with the School of Webcraft.

Since finishing my Master’s, I have been looking for “what’s next.” I wanted to do some adjunct work but with travel it’s difficult to do — unless I did it online. So, when I heard about P2PU, I figured that could be a great “what’s next” for me.

Last year, when I heard about them, I first lurked on the mailing lists, and then, because I joined after the deadline to create classes, I signed up in January for some web topics. I still have some sketches for classes I’d like to create because I <3 teaching and learning. Plus, it’s open source and I <3 that too!

I’ve gone from lurking to contributing on a few levels. I not only have finished as a student in a few courses like Ruby on Rails but also created a study group on how to contribute to the code behind the P2PU platform. I also joined the community phone calls when I could and it really helped me “catch up” and see where the project came from and where it was going. Thankfully, they’re around my lunch break so that I can participate.

My time with P2pU has given me lots of growth opportunities, expanded my social (and professional) network, and created a billion blog post ideas. (I even signed up for a blogging and writing study group to help get some of the ideas from my brain onto the Intarwebs.)

But, for now, I have some homework to do in my Django class.

Care to join me? It’s fun and free.

P.S. More about my experiences with P2PU are available via a recent interview by Stefanie Panke.

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