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How to Mount Art

It seems everyone has a different take on how to mount art for one’s portfolio or show. I recently did my first 2-D gallery show and the notice said that the art had to be framed but didn’t mention “ready to hang.” I guess I was to assume since “ready to hang” to me means you can stick it on the wall. But to this gallery “framed” meant “ready to hang” which means the pieces have to have a wire in the back. Each gallery is different but here’s another version on mounting art:

(from a museum director)

Abbreviations on the bottom:
AP is Artist’s Proof (first one you like, keep it in portfolio)
1/5 2/5 5/5
Firstnamesign Lastinitial ’05

do not use quotes for title unless it’s a quote

crescent mat board acid-free (which comes in one size: 32×40″)
3″ Borders & 4″ on bottom
8 1/2 x 11 should fit on one
white white (very white) or black board
Attach with PMA perm. mounting adhesive like spray but roll
when signing print, only use pencil
designate how many gonna make (requires thinking ahead)

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