Jessica Ledbetter

UDS-N: Ubuntu developer outreach resources

Day Two of Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS)

Blueprint: ubuntutheproject-community-n-development-outreach-resources

First, dholbach’s diagram of knowledge: Things to Learn. Yes, that’s a lot but a lovely diagram!

A couple of questions came up again like:

  • If someone fixes a problem locally, how can we encourage the person to contribute that to the collective?
  • What should we tell someone if they have an hour to be introduced
    to the world of Ubuntu development?

Interestingly enough, during this session, someone in #ubuntu-beginners-dev asked how she/he could start developing. That really is a broad question but how do we make it more easily answered?

A good solution would:

  • be short — I think someone mentioned 30 minutes to an hour
  • be focused (not a lot of options) — which would help with overload probably
  • be warm and encouraging — so far I’d say this covers almost all the people I’ve dealt with

Participants in the session added lots to the list of questions. Some highlights for me are:

  • How do I find people to talk to? Again, goes back to warm and encouraging. I can drop into any irc channel but I know which ones are more warm and encouraging.
  • What is “developer”? I thought it was anyone that codes but there are packagers and (the others?)
  • What can I get started with? There are smaller bugs tagged “bitesize” in harvest. Maybe more of such tagging.
  • What projects are in [insert language here]? I haven’t seen anything in Java though I’m sure it exists.

Also, what format should this help be in? As I mentioned, I’ve been looking at some learning tools and there will be repetition of data. Good thing? Perhaps. People do learn differently. But updates and internationalization would be more difficult. Also, do screencasts automatically close caption?

Other listed formats brought back the shortness request. Small chapters. Short manageable bits. Also, a single overview diagram would be nice. I’d like to see an overview but click (go to) the part I am at or want more information about.

I liked elky’s idea of a tour for “how to develop.” It’d help lead you through but be able to change your path based on what you need.

How can I help?

I said I’d help with the “choose your own adventure” project and test out the document. I’m a new developer so this is perfect timing!

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