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5 reasons not to attend conferences

Last time, I mentioned five reasons to attend conferences. Of course there are reasons not to attend.

Five Reasons Not to Attend:

  1. No time. I can’t attend all conferences. I only have so much time off from work. Is it just me or do most Linux conferences focus on weekends? Some conferences I would love to attend are during the week (Monday – Thursday, for example.) I realize this is probably because companies are paying for employees to go to those. However, not all of us have that. If the conference is far away then that adds more to the time constraint.
  2. No money. Like I said, work doesn’t pay for all these conferences I go to so I have to think of the wallet. Some Linux conferences are $1000 less than the other conferences I’m interested in. Example: JavaOne is $1395. And, yes, it’s a weekday one though its weekday begins on Sunday. Ohio LinuxFest is $0 – $350 and Friday-Sunday. That’s why I absolutely love programming and usability sessions at OS conferences.
  3. Too many people. Though officially I test either extrovert or introvert depending on the day, the thought of entering a huge room full of people is a bit overwhelming at times. Yes, I admit it. Sometimes, it’s hard to get over that.
  4. Not enough people. On the other hand, if it’s a conference that is too small for networking and learning, then it’s best to skip it.
  5. Not organized well. If I don’t see an agenda at least 3 weeks in advance, I’m much less likely to go even if it’s only a five hour drive away. Also, I like to see things like speaker bios and a well-thought-out website. It probably means the actual conference is well planned.
  6. Have some other reasons? Please list them! Also, if you have some conferences I should attend, I’d love to hear them!

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